Dezember 19, 2011

The new adventures from Ticino

Before I say hello to you, I have to say: sorry. I don't know why, but I forgot to push the release button of my camera. I'm really sorry for that tiny photo booty!

Hello folks.

As some of you know I have been in Ticino for the past few days. It was a delicious cocktail of good conditions, nice old&new friends and tons of cool problems.

November 29, 2011

Jenaer Block-Rodeo 2011

Check out our commercial for the Block-Rodeo on Saturday!!!

We're getting ready, and you?

For more informations click here or join us on FB.

Hope to see you there

Again and again ...

... I found my self among the boulders of Chemnitztal. Even if not all the areas and lines are prime, the overall impression and the capability is awesome!

November 09, 2011

Pure Wilderness

Last weekend, following the recommendation of some friends, I made my way straight to the east. Some locals had been developing an area called Chemnitztal. For those who don't know, the bouldering scene up there has been growing quite fast the last few years.

Oktober 25, 2011

Slapping further

Here comes a quick post from Fontainebleau.

The first day worked pretty well. We hiked up to Rempart, where we both could climb some nice boulders. Marko startet with Festin de Pierre and I could manage Les Médisances.

Oktober 12, 2011

PsicoBlog VII(I)

Yesterdays PsicoBlog VII fall prey to the Ballerman. We couldn't stay on this island without one visit in the famous disco Oberbayern! All pictures of this awesome night fall victim to the censors ;).

Today it was incredible hot (33°C). We hiked to Cova del Diable but it felt like climbing in a stove!

Oktober 11, 2011

PsicoBlog VI

A perfect warm, smooth day at Cala Barques.

Oktober 09, 2011

PsicoBlog V

Rest day with a bit of easy climbing on Es Pontas ;).


Servus, Kaier.

Oktober 08, 2011

PsicoBlog IV

It's a great pleasure to present you our new team-member, a dinghy called "Explorer 200".

Adios, Kaier.

PsicoBlog III

Here is a collection of some pics I shot these days. Enjoy!

Oktober 06, 2011

PsicoBlog II

That's hokey, Dude! ;)

Greetings from the paradise of cliff jumping,

Oktober 05, 2011

PsicoBlog I

"Venga ... Allez ... Reiß an ...!!!"

We felt in love with Psicobloc in Mallorca.

Adios, Kaier.

Oktober 04, 2011


I feel a thrill of anticipation for what is to come up. I'm well prepared, while watching tons of DWS-clips.

If you are interested in my upcoming adventures in Mallorca, stay tuned!

Hola, Kaier.

September 30, 2011

Little Fontainebleau

Who would have dreamt that Font is that close? Ok, it's not the original but the Bahratal comes close to.
Come and do the math:

September 24, 2011

A really brief trip

Few days ago, Rul and I'm headed to Switzerland for a some bouldering.

September 09, 2011


It has been a long time since my last post. But to keep this blog alive I like to give a little update what happens the last month:

In beginning of August, we made a quick trip to the Magic (again). For Karthi, it was his first visit there. Despite this we spend most of the time hiking through the wood and put our hand on nearly every line. I was quite happy to send Goldfish, which was on my ticklist for such a long time but never to come upon dry.

August 03, 2011

Home, sweet home

I'm getting tired of the conditions all over Europe! It seems that July is the new November.
 So I go for some climbing at the good old local spots.

But now, I will try to catch some good conditions in Magic. Cross your finger for a sun-kissed weekend!

Cheers, Kaier.

Juli 17, 2011


It's nothing about climbing, but I want to share this:

I was in the right place (my balcony) at the right time and got my camera by the hand!

Ceya, Kaier.

Juli 08, 2011

Back in da Schwiazz

‘Well, the conditions weren't that perfect, but let's give it a chance', I thought 3 weeks ago, loaded up my car and drove down to MagicWood.

Juni 16, 2011

Ascension Day

If your are consequent followers of my blog you know, that from time to time I made a non-climbing period for recovery. In the week before Ascension Day, I've got the opportunity to make a trip to Sweden.
For there is nothing to report about names, betas and grades, this blog doesn't consist of to many words in stead of fotos who tell their own story about this great countryside.

Juni 06, 2011

Young is the new strong

End of May we pack our kids and made a weekend boulder trip to CZ. The psych was high and the weather perfect.
In sum, the kids didn't show any fear or pain. So we could sent some amazing highballs. And until the day of depart, nearly everybody fingertips are bloody .


So watch out! The next generation is on your tail!

Many thanks to Diddy, Daniel & Dirk who made this event possible.
Cheers, Kaier.

Mai 24, 2011

Magic Wood

I'm back home from MagicWood, was sitting in front of my current post and don't know how to tell about. Because of absolutely everything was great, I just could set a superlative in front of the words boulder, people, weather, area, food, beer, fun ... .

So take this short report:

April 28, 2011

Boulderers heaven - Part II

Our guests are gone and we are alone again with all these beautiful rocks. It was a great time, to hang and go for great bouldering with our friends. Everybody was psyched and we could climb some fine lines as you can see on the photos.

April 20, 2011

Boulderers heaven

Past one week in Fontainebleau, we feel back in business. But the first problems were hard as hell!
 The weather is quit perfect for this time of year but definitely to hot for the hard sloper stuff. Nevertheless we could climb some awesome passages which required all our skills and cleverness.
 Enjoy a collection of pics from the last days:

April 11, 2011

Tessiner Herrengedeck

Thanks Karthi for this great flick!
Enjoy your meal!

Cheers, Kaier.

April 03, 2011

Ticino squared

For sure you know I had a lot of bouldering recently. But although I like every unique boulder place, everyone of us has some localities were he can't get enough from. For me, it is the feelings while I drove down the pass into the Ticino valley. At this moment, I remember what it feels to stood in between all these boulders, look to the snowy mountains and breath the fresh air. I like this place :).

  So see how the things went perfect for a lot of fine bouldering under a cloudless blue sky!

März 08, 2011


The last two weeks, a lot of bouldering happened. The friction was quite perfect and I cannot remember how often I made my way down to the Frankenjura to take advantage of this weather.

Februar 20, 2011

Get out for gambling

It seems the winter is gone. The snow has melted and the sun heads up our days. So turn one's back on the gym. It's time for spring clean the rocks, sweep the leafs away to go outside and rock ...

See you abroad, Kaier.

P.s. Sorry for my cap ;D

Februar 15, 2011


In end of January, I was lucky enough to catch some of the days with perfect weather in Chironico. It was quite made for bouldering!
 My ticklist wasn't that hard but long, so there was a lot to do :).

Februar 08, 2011


The past time this Blog has been scarce - sorry about that! Part of the reason are the unstable weather and a couple of decisions regarding my 'earning-a-living future' were pending... . So I climbed on plastic most of the time trying to get in shape until spring. (What kind of boring business! :)
That's all settled and I'm now try to get my rock-feeling back by spending more time outdoors. After some frustrating visits in the Frankenjura, I drove to Ticino for one week. There'll be photos & a report soon - stick around!

While waiting, enjoy an awesome flick about our great time in Fontainebleau last spring. Really good job Diddy!!!

Cheers, Kaier.

Januar 04, 2011

Hidden beauties in the foggy forest of Fontainebleau

After reactivate my sandstone skills, by climbing Gendarmerie (in one hour) in the Bahratal, I felt well prepared for my New-Years-Trip to Fontainebleau.

Yes, unfortunately the weather was not perfect, but P.R. gives a spectacular argument for what is possible at nearly 100% humidity. Really inspiring! Despite this, our list doesn't look as bad as the weather supposed to. First -for sure- we pay Bas Cuvier a visit. All the obvious lines were wet or unpleasant crowded. Therefore I scrap my ticklist and we turned one's back on the classic problems and head out to seek out the unheeded gems in the forest.