Februar 20, 2011

Get out for gambling

It seems the winter is gone. The snow has melted and the sun heads up our days. So turn one's back on the gym. It's time for spring clean the rocks, sweep the leafs away to go outside and rock ...

See you abroad, Kaier.

P.s. Sorry for my cap ;D

Februar 15, 2011


In end of January, I was lucky enough to catch some of the days with perfect weather in Chironico. It was quite made for bouldering!
 My ticklist wasn't that hard but long, so there was a lot to do :).

Februar 08, 2011


The past time this Blog has been scarce - sorry about that! Part of the reason are the unstable weather and a couple of decisions regarding my 'earning-a-living future' were pending... . So I climbed on plastic most of the time trying to get in shape until spring. (What kind of boring business! :)
That's all settled and I'm now try to get my rock-feeling back by spending more time outdoors. After some frustrating visits in the Frankenjura, I drove to Ticino for one week. There'll be photos & a report soon - stick around!

While waiting, enjoy an awesome flick about our great time in Fontainebleau last spring. Really good job Diddy!!!

Cheers, Kaier.