Oktober 27, 2010

Time out

Every year I make my body a present of a climbing-timeout. The last 7 month until now I only hang on the rock. I've been there of at least every second day and filled every hour with thinking about it. In case of that it was time for this rest. To get my focus back in line.
Therefore the last two week weeks my bouldering was leveled down onto zero. I hang around at the US south-east coast to proof my surfing skills and testing my luck in fishing. It was a great time, while enjoying the (american) lifestyle. And -fore shure- these surfers lifestyle is pretty similar to the climbers one ;).

But now it's time to get back in buissiness, to train as hard as hell again and to joyn the great conditions in europe! Let's see what will happend in Genevé and Chamonix the following days. ;)
Ceya, Kaier.

Oktober 07, 2010

On the move

Ok, now it's time for something new. I hope you're ready for that!
The last few years, I (tried to) tell the most of my stories through my fotos. Now, these pictures have find their way to get in motion.
To realize this effect, Paule and I shot a lot -I not only mean a lot as more than A LOT- of pictures during our last bouldering in Frankenjura. There we tried to figure out the moves from the boulder Kristallo. The positive thing is: Now, only one single move is left. But on the other hand: We can't climb two of the others in a row! Nevertheless: Yeha! :)
Futhermore we climbed a unknown-boulder and Trick 17 (to see in the TimeLaps).

So, here is my first try to create a TimeLapsMovie. (Don't expect to much ;). I hope you like it.

Seeyaa, Kaier.

Oktober 01, 2010

Going sub

Again the time is running away and I've got a addendum in my baggage which I shortly like to tell you:

In the mid of august, we drove to MagicWood again. Along the way, I was realy syked to get the fingers on my outstanding projects, but the weather forecast wasn't as good. In summary: all my blocks were wet :(, and I can't touch any single one of my projects. Bad! Nevertheless, I (only) solve some other nice stuff up to fb7b range at least :).
However, the others could knock down some fine problems. Jörch and Diddy made their first fb7c boulders, which is a really great achievment, I think! And Daniel was working on a fb8a problem, where he gets really close to. That was awesome!

Ongoing are some pictures from the trip. I hope you enjoy it.

Cheers, Kaier.