September 24, 2011

A really brief trip

Few days ago, Rul and I'm headed to Switzerland for a some bouldering.

Maybe the two or three guys who read my blog continuously wonder about my rapture to drive always to the same spot. I don't know, maybe it has just become a habit. Or it's because I was fallen in love with MagicWood.

Anyway ... Rul seized the chance and climbs some of the outstanding beauties the forest hosts (e.g. Enterprise, Chiquita). But unfortunately after two days the weather changed, we fled and Magic saw his first snow this season.

For me, I still rode the same rounds on my caroussel of projects. At this, the determinant factors (conditions, power, motivation and beta-recall) are mixed in a new constellation every time. It's frustrating but some things need their time. The failure while failing to climb a boulder problem is when you don't learn out of that failure.


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