September 09, 2011


It has been a long time since my last post. But to keep this blog alive I like to give a little update what happens the last month:

In beginning of August, we made a quick trip to the Magic (again). For Karthi, it was his first visit there. Despite this we spend most of the time hiking through the wood and put our hand on nearly every line. I was quite happy to send Goldfish, which was on my ticklist for such a long time but never to come upon dry.

Thereafter my vacancy for bouldering went a little bit down in fact of work, finishing my paper and things which could be called 'organize your future'. Nevertheless I used the evenings for some visits in the gym to stay in shape and/or get fit for the upcoming autumn.

I made some nice day-trips to Frankenjura and home-areas for a bit of smooth bouldering. It was good to get back on real rock after more than two weeks of abstinence. In Krotti (FJ), I checked out some remaining projekts and climb a nice unknown traverse. In Johannes (close to Stadtroda), I climb a beautiful traverse opened by Diddy. This one climbs the opposite way of an FA I climbed there few weeks ago.

Thereafter we explored a new area brought up by my friend Tino. It's located in the flatland surrounding of Leipzig and called Kirchbruch. Tino and Benjamin take their chance, create this spot by their own and released it once everything was climbed, marked and (well) cleaned. That way it is a bouldering spot for pure consumption. But that has his charm too. The scenery and lines are awesome there! It's the pure 3D climbing with high technical requests, incredible rock-features who looks like volumes and a perfect range of difficulty. That's why we climbed almost every problem there, regardless of whether fb4c or fb7b.
So thumbs up and thanks for this beautiful place! Consult for further informations.


Right now my psych is high for some great bouldering in 'cold' autumn conditions. As yet I still don't know where to go in September. Nearly everything is in my mind and possible. We will see, where it drifts me onto.

Thanks for staying tuned.

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