Juni 16, 2011

Ascension Day

If your are consequent followers of my blog you know, that from time to time I made a non-climbing period for recovery. In the week before Ascension Day, I've got the opportunity to make a trip to Sweden.
For there is nothing to report about names, betas and grades, this blog doesn't consist of to many words in stead of fotos who tell their own story about this great countryside.

Juni 06, 2011

Young is the new strong

End of May we pack our kids and made a weekend boulder trip to CZ. The psych was high and the weather perfect.
In sum, the kids didn't show any fear or pain. So we could sent some amazing highballs. And until the day of depart, nearly everybody fingertips are bloody .


So watch out! The next generation is on your tail!

Many thanks to Diddy, Daniel & Dirk who made this event possible.
Cheers, Kaier.