Dezember 19, 2011

The new adventures from Ticino

Before I say hello to you, I have to say: sorry. I don't know why, but I forgot to push the release button of my camera. I'm really sorry for that tiny photo booty!

Hello folks.

As some of you know I have been in Ticino for the past few days. It was a delicious cocktail of good conditions, nice old&new friends and tons of cool problems.

 The first two days went pretty well and I started the trip with a one session ascents of Powerstripes and Aktivit destra (4.Go). Worked from that, I took the following rainy day for a rest.
Well regained, we went to Brione. No. 1 on my list has been Atlantis. It's an impressive problem, but the very single moves have been already close to my limit. No doubt, I have to put effort into this beast again!

Once the rain came back again. We choose the only ones dry place for a funny "Feuchtgrip" session at Palpa Tina. It has been quite easy climbing with far moves on open-jugs and a tricky (when wet) mantle finish, which really was a battle for me! Another great problem is Senza Denti, whereof we climbed during a all-out motivated night session. Great fun!

The last day has been epic. At first I could settle an old score, wrestling myself up the Tomahawk. Next the rain began to fall again, so time pressed to climb, before he would become to wet. What a nice wet ascent.
It always seems like you are the strongest when you leave, right?

 Happy X-Mas, Kaier.

4 Kommentare:

martin hat gesagt…

nice pic from no mystery! was to crimp left hand already gone? looks like you did it?!

Kai hat gesagt…

no, we did not broke the hold. he was already gone when we came there.
it's nature...

martin hat gesagt…

thanx for your info, on your pic your friend tom looks really strong with his body very close and the fingers on the rail. did he send it (after brake)? try it again next time you are there, wrote you the "micro-beta" on my blog. greez, martin

kaier hat gesagt…

hej martin. tom reached the rail many times that close but never could stick it.
the beta you described on your blog sounds pretty suitable and more like a movement-thing than pure strength. many thanks! cu, kai.