Juli 17, 2012


The old boulderblock.blogspot.com had to move and has become a new home on


Cheers, Kai.

Juni 12, 2012

Addendum to Font

Here is a brief but nice footage of me sending "Welcome to Tijuana" fb7c in Fontainebleau:

If you want to read the whole Fontainebleau-Report, please click here.

Many thanks Karthi!!!

Aloa, Kaier.

April 26, 2012

Font and Bleau - 2012

For all of you who don't like to read that much, take this post-summary and enjoy the pics:

"Things never turn out the way you expect."

DiDDY working on 'BIG Jim' fb6c+. pic©Kai Rösner
DiDDY climbs 'Festin de Pierre" fb7a. pic©Kai Rösner

März 30, 2012

MDR - Biwak

Wednesday, 04.04.2012 on MDR Thüringen

The Outdoor-Show BIWAK made a little report about us bouldering in Thüringen. It will be broadcasted on 04.April 2012 on MDR. Afterwards you can watch it as a stream on their mediathek.

But now, it's time for Fontainebleau. :)

Aloa, Kaier.

Februar 14, 2012

Swiss alps and something NEW

 Welcome to the latest news from Ticino.

Januar 30, 2012

The only valid argument not going for climbing the last days:

Regards, Kaier.

Januar 18, 2012

The last adventures from Ticino

 Once the Christmas day come to an end I headed straight back into the center of bouldering, Ticino.
Highly motivated and inspired from the last trip, my goals were high. But shortly after, I realized that I don't know exactly what to go for. I changed my plan and decided to follows the law of sowing and reaping, and go for searching and checking out new projects (...and hanging around with friends).

  Here's a bunch of pics: