Februar 08, 2011


The past time this Blog has been scarce - sorry about that! Part of the reason are the unstable weather and a couple of decisions regarding my 'earning-a-living future' were pending... . So I climbed on plastic most of the time trying to get in shape until spring. (What kind of boring business! :)
That's all settled and I'm now try to get my rock-feeling back by spending more time outdoors. After some frustrating visits in the Frankenjura, I drove to Ticino for one week. There'll be photos & a report soon - stick around!

While waiting, enjoy an awesome flick about our great time in Fontainebleau last spring. Really good job Diddy!!!

Cheers, Kaier.

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Ritchy hat gesagt…

Que bueno que es el video CHE!! me gusta mucho! igual extraño mucho a escalar en roca natural:( pero pronto voy a disfrutar tanto escalando :D
saludos a todos