März 08, 2011


The last two weeks, a lot of bouldering happened. The friction was quite perfect and I cannot remember how often I made my way down to the Frankenjura to take advantage of this weather.

With such nice conditions, I could climb some good lines like the Carrigan-Boulder, Corner Shop, Dachterrasse (flash) or Minigolf. I also climbed my first -and definitely last- traverse ever! No wonder, Happy End is quite beautiful. But travers-bouldering is still not my sport. You find a well written post of the ascent on Manu's fresh website (in German).

A great new spot where I was for the first time is Schirradorf. Unfortunately Bonbon aus Wurst was the only dry problem there, but all the other stuff looks great too!

Despite a high psych some problems -like the Kristallo-Monster- are still undone. But wouldn't it be worst if there was nothing more to do?

Off we go, to rock at Ticino ...

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Ritchy hat gesagt…

schaut richitg geil aus! da kriegt man ja schon nen bissel lust wieder zurück zukommen aber nur ein bissel ;)