Januar 04, 2011

Hidden beauties in the foggy forest of Fontainebleau

After reactivate my sandstone skills, by climbing Gendarmerie (in one hour) in the Bahratal, I felt well prepared for my New-Years-Trip to Fontainebleau.

Yes, unfortunately the weather was not perfect, but P.R. gives a spectacular argument for what is possible at nearly 100% humidity. Really inspiring! Despite this, our list doesn't look as bad as the weather supposed to. First -for sure- we pay Bas Cuvier a visit. All the obvious lines were wet or unpleasant crowded. Therefore I scrap my ticklist and we turned one's back on the classic problems and head out to seek out the unheeded gems in the forest.

(Sadly without a picture is the awesome line called Concept in Apremont Ouest.)

A problem which we gave most of attention to is this unnoticed beauty called Master of Puppets. Incomprehensible why such an awesome line was not recorded in the guidebooks! Thanks bleau.info we could get some info about.
This huge prow is (only) graded with fb 7a+, but cost us a lot of work only to figure out the single moves. Subsequent I felt more than ten times on the final dyno to the edge. So frustrating!
This shows more than others: the forest always teaches you ;). But no matter how much you sent, when you leave the forest you are a better climber than when you arrive!

I hope to come back and get my next lesson soon!
Au revoir, Kaier.

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