Oktober 25, 2011

Slapping further

Here comes a quick post from Fontainebleau.

The first day worked pretty well. We hiked up to Rempart, where we both could climb some nice boulders. Marko startet with Festin de Pierre and I could manage Les Médisances.

Oktober 12, 2011

PsicoBlog VII(I)

Yesterdays PsicoBlog VII fall prey to the Ballerman. We couldn't stay on this island without one visit in the famous disco Oberbayern! All pictures of this awesome night fall victim to the censors ;).

Today it was incredible hot (33°C). We hiked to Cova del Diable but it felt like climbing in a stove!

Oktober 11, 2011

PsicoBlog VI

A perfect warm, smooth day at Cala Barques.

Oktober 09, 2011

PsicoBlog V

Rest day with a bit of easy climbing on Es Pontas ;).


Servus, Kaier.

Oktober 08, 2011

PsicoBlog IV

It's a great pleasure to present you our new team-member, a dinghy called "Explorer 200".

Adios, Kaier.

PsicoBlog III

Here is a collection of some pics I shot these days. Enjoy!

Oktober 06, 2011

PsicoBlog II

That's hokey, Dude! ;)

Greetings from the paradise of cliff jumping,

Oktober 05, 2011

PsicoBlog I

"Venga ... Allez ... Reiß an ...!!!"

We felt in love with Psicobloc in Mallorca.

Adios, Kaier.

Oktober 04, 2011


I feel a thrill of anticipation for what is to come up. I'm well prepared, while watching tons of DWS-clips.

If you are interested in my upcoming adventures in Mallorca, stay tuned!

Hola, Kaier.