April 03, 2011

Ticino squared

For sure you know I had a lot of bouldering recently. But although I like every unique boulder place, everyone of us has some localities were he can't get enough from. For me, it is the feelings while I drove down the pass into the Ticino valley. At this moment, I remember what it feels to stood in between all these boulders, look to the snowy mountains and breath the fresh air. I like this place :).

  So see how the things went perfect for a lot of fine bouldering under a cloudless blue sky!

 Happily, I got the opportunity to spend two separate weeks on Swiss gneiss with my friends Paule and Karthi. Both are two funny and high motivated Ticino novices, with a varying climbing history from mine. So what would be the outcome, when three different types of climbing-philosophies join for some bouldering?
I would answer: A great time with a high diversity of well boulder problems and much inspiration and progression for yourself!

And after a perfect day of bouldering went by, is there anything better then to chill with a beer and good friends under an awesome star-spattered sky, while improve your own climbing-ken?

Cheers, Kaier.

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