November 30, 2010


All of us knew that some day he will come. And now there he is, Mr. Snow.
Normally henceforth we came into a period of continuously snowing and meltig. An annoying time where nothing is climbable. Last weekend we had this situation, where it wasn't frosty enough to held the water away from the stones. Nevertheless we find some dry rock and Marko and Alex could repeat some stuff in our new area. What a nice start into the winter-season.
I hope to report about this new spot soon. So stay psyched! ;)

But currently the conditions are getting prime and it looks like a stable situation with freezing temps. Hopefully a good chance to crush down some outstanding projects. My motivation is high!

But the truth is: Climbing in shorts and shirt is much more convenient than wearing 2 pants, socks and sweaters :).

A friendly 'Hohoho' to you,

November 14, 2010


 At the beginn of october I went to the alps again, to visit some friends and have a good time in the mountains. Here are a small selection of this beautifull spot.