Juli 08, 2011

Back in da Schwiazz

‘Well, the conditions weren't that perfect, but let's give it a chance', I thought 3 weeks ago, loaded up my car and drove down to MagicWood.

My first 48 hours consisted of sleeping, city walks, tons of coffee and Swiss chocolate. Well it could not always rain, I thought! And my benefit to the folks on Bodhi: I stay warm and dry at Markos flat :)!
The climbing starts on day three at last. I looked on my ticklist, made a plan where I want to go first and after 2 minutes in the Magic my well planed climbing-day passed out of mind, and I join with Bio [we first met in Hampi] on some awesome lines. That’s MagicWood! I felt strong and we started our sending-day: 1. Gulliverkante, 2. Exclusive, 3. Panzerknacker and 4. Neandertaler. What a well debut.

The first week flies and I climb a lot of the classics. We feared the upcoming weekend, which expect to be crowded. So Jonas came around with the idea of looking up to Brione. So we turned ones back on Magic and drove to the south. It was awesome and with Clemens' words: 'A holiday in the holidays'. Yes for sure it was a little bit to hot for hard climbing, but who cares?! We had a great time with swimming, relaxing, tasty diner from Marion and some good night-sessions. With Sonnenanbeter I could climb one of my no.1 lines. Only the unscarred and impressive psyched Stefan pissed of the enormous high and dirty footholds and toped out.

Back from the south the 150(!) weekend-guests had left and the magic was quiet again. In the second week I had some gorgeous climbing days with Clemens, Stefan and Marko. I ticked off Valentines Day, Ade Bus (flash), James Bong, End of Darkness and much other beautiful stuff.

Thanks by the motivation from Stefan, Axel and Marko I did Rythmo the day before leaving back home.
[Well Clemens it's your turn now ;)!

For more fotos and stories from MagicWood stop by Clemens and Axel.
Hope to see you all soon again!!!

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Martin hat gesagt…

hey fett wie immer :-)
wollte dieses weauch los aber das wetter hat mir überallnen strich durch die rechnung gemacht...
bin dann vllt nächste woche und sicher in 2 wochen unterwegs. man sieht sich hoffentlich in da magic :-)