April 26, 2012

Font and Bleau - 2012

For all of you who don't like to read that much, take this post-summary and enjoy the pics:

"Things never turn out the way you expect."

DiDDY working on 'BIG Jim' fb6c+. pic©Kai Rösner
DiDDY climbs 'Festin de Pierre" fb7a. pic©Kai Rösner

For the continuing readers, here is a little update about my traditional Fontainebleau trip.

Richard trying 'BIG Jim' fb6c+. pic©Kai Rösner
Crimps in Fontainebleau? YES! pic©Kai Rösner
As you know, I'm now part of the "normal" workaholic social system. In fact of that a lot of things had changed: I couldn't train that much. My projects have to grow lonely. AND, my Font trip shrinks down to 11 days. That's nothing to make a song about!

For this reason, I started to Fontainebleau without any spectacular names or scores on my ticklist.
BUT, it was one of the best bouldering I've ever had in this big sandpit. Because, "things never turn out the way you expect"!

The most psyched part of the crowd!!! pic©Kai Rösner
Me climbing 'Welcome to Tijuana' fb7c. pic©Kai Rösner
 In alphabetical order: Chevalier Errant fb7b, Duroxmanie direct fb7a(+), El paso droite fb7a, Festin de Pierre fb7a, Footrix/Valses de Vienne fb7b (flash), Les Pieds dans la Lune fb7a(+), Narine a Voile fb7a (flash), Naufrage d'une Illusion (methode statique) fb6c(7a), Undertow fb7a, Welcome to Tijuana fb7c.

Here is a nother bunch of nice pics, done by Richard. Enjoy!

Me, reaching not far enough for 'Osiris' fb7b. pic©Richard Kempert
Me sending 'Festin de Pierre' fb7a. pic©Richard Kempert
My Mantle-Skills always get the audience to laugh. But it's a flash.  'Footrix' fb7b. pic©Richard Kempert
DiDDY working on 'Les Serbes' fb7b. pic©Richard Kempert
 Thanks for reading!
Hope to see you at season opening in MagicWood the coming days. (Psyched!!!)

Cheers, Kaier.

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