Oktober 07, 2010

On the move

Ok, now it's time for something new. I hope you're ready for that!
The last few years, I (tried to) tell the most of my stories through my fotos. Now, these pictures have find their way to get in motion.
To realize this effect, Paule and I shot a lot -I not only mean a lot as more than A LOT- of pictures during our last bouldering in Frankenjura. There we tried to figure out the moves from the boulder Kristallo. The positive thing is: Now, only one single move is left. But on the other hand: We can't climb two of the others in a row! Nevertheless: Yeha! :)
Futhermore we climbed a unknown-boulder and Trick 17 (to see in the TimeLaps).

So, here is my first try to create a TimeLapsMovie. (Don't expect to much ;). I hope you like it.

Seeyaa, Kaier.

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