Oktober 01, 2010

Going sub

Again the time is running away and I've got a addendum in my baggage which I shortly like to tell you:

In the mid of august, we drove to MagicWood again. Along the way, I was realy syked to get the fingers on my outstanding projects, but the weather forecast wasn't as good. In summary: all my blocks were wet :(, and I can't touch any single one of my projects. Bad! Nevertheless, I (only) solve some other nice stuff up to fb7b range at least :).
However, the others could knock down some fine problems. Jörch and Diddy made their first fb7c boulders, which is a really great achievment, I think! And Daniel was working on a fb8a problem, where he gets really close to. That was awesome!

Ongoing are some pictures from the trip. I hope you enjoy it.

Cheers, Kaier.

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