September 17, 2010


Hey folks,
after an awesome train-journey to Goa, we chilled at the beaches. This was the Hippi paradise number one! But we were psyched for bouldering and take the next bus to Hampi. These ride was horrible (!), but we want to Hampi as fast as possible :-).
And now here we here, in the boulders paradise. You can look were you want to, everywhere perfect shaped blocks. That's crazy! Now, after three days of climbing our skin is gone. But we couldn't stop to put our hands on these scary sharp crimps. Every line is perfect and it's impossible to pass them without giving them a try.
I hope to blog some pictures anytime later.

Cheers, Karthi and Kaier.

2 Kommentare:

Dirk hat gesagt…

neid! Isses nicht noch sehr warm da? Grüße an Harry (der mit der Nase)! Der sollte auch dort sein.

kaier hat gesagt…

Hej Dirk
Bouldern hier heisst frueh aufstehen ;-). Dann gehen die Temperaturen.
Welcher Harry? Gibt's da noch eine genauere Beschreibung zu?
MfG Kaier.